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It is the original habitat of the biggest lizard in the earth. Komodo National Park offers its visitors with the beautiful landscape, quite and calm, bring you close with a touch of Nature.

Nestled between eastern Sumbawa and western Flores lie three tiny grass-covered islands Komodo, Padar and Rinca, which together form the Komodo National Park, a protected wildlife reserve. This is the home of the giants lizard known as the "Komodo Dragon" it was thought to be a myth until the turn of the century, when fishermen who were forced by a storm to take shelter on Komodo sight the monsters.
Komodo Adventure Tours Option :

Lead your children and get the whole family traveling to the untouched nature and the prehistoric wildlife with the expert. Take them to see in real what the prehistoric life is and step a feet at the original home of the Komodo dragon. An exclusive itineraries are designed to meet your need at various durations available. well aware of your vacation plan that some travelers are booked their package at home include airfares and the whole accommodation in Bali during the vacation. offers selected itinerary to give you the choice to plan your travel from home.

Komodo Diving Adventure Option :
Explore the under water live and its ecosystems which has well known as the best diving site in the world. From beautiful coral, reefs, thousands sort of fishes to the crystal water and beautiful beach are await to visit. Komodo dragons live in one of the driest area in Indonesia, where there are few permanent water sources.

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