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Majapahit and Surroundings Surabaya (8 hours)

BH SUB 411:

This tour starts with a visit to Trowulan village, site of the 14th century dated back to the last Hindu Kingdom in Indonesia and the greatest empire - Majapahit Kingdom. Terracotta Omaments, statues, pottery and stone carnings from that period are exhibited in the small museum, and many excavation sites surrounding country side will be visited i.e. Bajang Ratu temple/a tall brick entry way. Tikus temple/Royal bathing complex and wringin Lawang gate to palace. Visiting also the Mojokerto museum housing the most impressive places found in this area. Including a magnificent Visnu portrait sculpture mounting a Garuda bird. The tour also includes a drive through a country road to Tretes resort before return to Surabaya. (Lunch is included).

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