Bali holiday travel

Lombok City Tour

4 Hours

An overall look of local historical artifacts from the ancient to the present of West Nusa Tenggara Province is exhibited and preserved in this museum.

This Royal floating palace of the former Balinese Kingdom was built in 1744. it is located in Cakranegara , close to the Pura Meru Temple built in 1720.

Bertais Market
The biggest market on Lombok where you can buy delicious fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices, rice, fish, local artifacts and colorful Indonesian sarongs.

The summer Palace of the former Balinese King Anak Agung Gede Ngurah from Karangasem Bali, built in 1727. the name "Narmada" was derived from the name of a holy river in India. It also means "tear" of "unknown water". Narmada was built in for worshipping the Hindu God, Siwa.

Pura Lingsar was built in 1714. It is the oldest and holiest temple in Lombok, owned by both Hindus and Moslem Waktu Telu.

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