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Lombok Local Craft Tour

Tete batu
One of the mountain resort just below Mt. Rinjani, an idyllic place to stop for refreshments.

Kota Raja (Loyok)
The rural are situated on the eastern part of Lombok, where the inhabitants make handicrafts from painted bamboo for daily use. Basket wallets and bags can be purchased here.

A small village, situated in central Lombok where the people make rattan handcrafts.

Tanjung Luar
The biggest fishing village on the island, located southeast Lombok. You can see the village inhabitants in their daily life catching fish from traditional boats and selling them for the market.

The summer Palace of the former Balinese King Anak Agung Gede Ngurah from Karangasem Bali, Built in 1805. The name "Narmada" was derived from name of a holy river in India. It also mean "Tear" or "unknown water". Narmada was built for worshipping the Hindu God, SIWA.

Pura Lingsar was built in 1714. It is the oldest and holiest temple in Lombok, owned by both Hindus and Moslem Waktu Telu

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