Bali holiday travel

Lombok Kuta South West

Price : US$ 64.00/person
Cost Cruise Tour (10 Hours)

Gunung Pengsong
Your first visit will be at Gunung Pengsong, a 300 meters hill on western coast surrounded by beautiful rice field and villages. On the top, a very old Hindus temple a peaceful and quiet place or worshipping to the God. From here you could see as well Mataram City in far away. Group of monkeys will persue your step to the top begging fruits or peanuts

One of pettery center in Lombok is in Banyumulek. Clay pot is still made by hand with very simple tools for daily use. It is unique in design and high in quality.

Pengantap Beach
This one on untouched nature in Lombok. A huge flat beach with fantastic panorama. Balinese and Sasaknese live here in harmony in very simple huts on the beach. A typical life of friendship will draw your memory, involve with the people activity in the sea.

Tembowong Village
Here you see a very traditional life of people who depend thir life on sea and farming. A unique thing to see is the process of salt they make by precipitating anc cooking sea water for soft salt.

Sekotong Beach
A place of tranquility with a nice beach for swimming or sun bathing. There is a restaurant and cottage here where some foods and drink are available.

Labuhan Poh
Along the way to this place are beaches, traditional villages and mountainous area with beautiful scenery.

Gilis (Small island)
Along the way to your destinations, you will see some small islands (Gilis). Some of these Gilis are not populated and if your time is available, you could sail to one of some small islands to have nice swim, sun bathing or snorkeling. Experience here the untouched under water life.

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